Quality Assurance

Packmetrics practices a proactive approach to quality. Utilizing employee involvement at all levels, we strive to identify operations and quality inefficiencies before they occur. Being proactive allows us to identify potential problems to avert and avoid possible inefficiencies and disruptions. With quality at the forefront of our mission, continuous improvement efforts continue to elevate our capabilities and proven track record.

Our comprehensive checklist is made up of customer requirements combined with over twenty years of industry experience ensures quality at every touchpoint. ISO 9001:2015 – certified quality systems and customized job specification equip our employees with accurate and timely information.

Critical Areas Represented in Our Quality Systems

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified, Federal Registered and Licensed, DEL Approved
  • Specifications / Assembly Instructions Generated for Each Project
    Job-Specific Check Sheets
  • Incoming Inspections
  • Prototypes / 1st Inspection Documentation
  • Operator / Assembly Training
  • Lot / Batch Tracking
  • Barcodes Scanned & Verified by ANSI & Traditional Standards

Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)

Site License # 302132 issued by Health Canada

This NHPD License allows Packmetrics to label and or relabel & repacking any Natural Health Products that are compliant with Section 29 of the Natural Health Products Regulations.

Drug Establishment License (DEL)

Compliant Rated-C License # 102020-A issued by Health Canada

This DEL License allows Packmetrics to label and or relabel & repacking Pharmaceutical Products that are under the Compliant-C of Health Canada Drug Establishment Licensing. Attached is a copy of the DEL Health Canada Compliant-C. Our team is thoroughly trained and certified in SOP’s & GMP’s compliant with Health Canada DEL Regulations.

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